The Trolley Bike has landed!

April 1, 2016by admin

It’s finally here! SBC’s newest tenant, The Trolley Bike has officially moved in, and we couldn’t be more excited. This pedal-powered party is an absolute blast! Once the bright orange bike was unloaded, it took no time at all for a bunch of our servers, cooks, brewers and even owners to pile on and start pedaling around downtown Springfield. With a cold beer in hand and the wind rushing through our hair, we cruised along.

The finishing touches are still being added to The Trolley Bike, and rides are scheduled to open to the public starting April 15th, but in the meantime, we want to introduce you to the jolly orange giant who brought the Trolley Bike to Springfield: Meet Brewser.


When did you first learn to ride a bike?

​I grew up in a family of bears riding bikes in the circus, so I could pretty much ride a bike before I could even walk.​


What was your favorite memory on two wheels or six or eight for that matter?

​The time we hot-wired a motorcycle with a sidecar, and I ran away from the circus with the bearded lady. That was one crazy weekend. Turns out she wasn’t that much of a lady after all.

Worst fall?
I bet someone I could jump my bike over a parked car.


Ouch! We bet you walked away with some lessons learned along with some bruises.

Oh yah! I learned that you don’t make wagers on your bike jumping abilities after you’ve been drinking.


Where did you first experience a trolley bike?

​I was hitchhiking across the country, and I got a gig one summer working as a conductor on a Trolley Bike in Bend, Oregon. Best job I’ve ever had.​

What inspired you to bring The Trolley Bike to SGF?

​I knew that the combination of riding around downtown on a giant bike while enjoying a frosty beverage was the single best idea in the history of mankind.


Words of wisdom for those who have never been on a The Trolley Bike?

​Stop whatever you’re doing right this second and go online to book a tour. You’ll thank me later.


Learn more about booking a ride on The Trolley Bike and remember, these rides are BYOB! That means you can pack a cooler full of SBC crowlers! Let the rides begin!