Faces of SBC: Scott Wellever

February 6, 2017by admin

Meet Mr. Scott Wellever. Scott joined the SBC team way back in Y2K, meaning this is his 17th year on the job! Talk about dedication. He’s been a bartender, hand-filled bottles, cleaned draft lines, and now he is senior manager and the guy in charge when it comes to booking any banquets or events at Springfield Brewing Company. Not only has Scott been an SBC family member for more than a decade, but his own family started right here when Scott met his wife, Cat, who was a server at SBC at the time. Ah the memories!

Next time you see Scott perusing the upstairs bar, stop and say hi and have him share some stories of the bar’s early days.


Favorite beer?

It’s a toss up between our Mayhem Märzen or Myrcenary from Odell’s.

Favorite SBC memory?

First time I met my wife, at table #20!

How often do your two boys get to come to work with you and Cat?

They do love to check in as much as possible. I like to say they’re in charge of Quality Control: Making sure all of the elevator buttons work at the same time, especially the alarm button and sampling our root beer.

What types of events have we hosted in the banquet room?

Rehearsal dinners, wedding receptions, wedding ceremonies, retirement, birthday, and anniversary parties, movie screenings, business meetings/presentations, baby showers, wedding showers, gender reveal parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, press conferences, fundraisers… I’m sure there are others I’ll think of later.

Any memorable events from a banquet?

The most unusual event we had was when ABC rented out The Banquet Room to set up a command center for their undercover TV show What Would You Do. When Disney–ABC Television Group sends a camera crew over, it’s not just a sound guy & a cameraman. They had an army of people everywhere!

Do you ever get sucked in to decorating the banquet room?

I always offer to help (getting up on the ladder or moving tables), but you wouldn’t want me making the aesthetic decisions.

How can people reserve the room?

Call, email, or text:  Scott@springfieldbrewingco.com  (417) 832-8277

What’s your busiest time of year for banquets?

Graduation weekends (spring, winter, & summer), the entire month of December, and most Friday nights (for rehearsal dinners).